Arctic Pilot Events 2021

This is the preliminary itinerary, as of October 16th.  Minor changes and alterations may occur. 

Please note that the "RESERVATION" links are not yet active. Reservations cannot be made until the 2021 schedule is confirmed.

Take ON Tromsø!

Thursday, Nov 18


1400: Welcome to Tromsø. Introduction to the Arctic Pride and the Pilot. Gathering at restaurant Skarven, Strandtorget 1. Light lunch available.

1500: A city walk to see some sights and learn about the city of Tromsø, starting from restaurant Skarven, Strandtorget 1 . 

1630: Polar Bear Beer  - Drinks at good old Ølhallen pub with a Tromsø history talk. 
1800: Dinner at Casa Inferno (pizza & pasta). Tables will be reserved for us. Each and every one of us choose from the menu, order and pay separately. You can take a look at the menu online here: 

2000: Pride Night at the Arctic University Museum.
A night in rainbow colours including exhibitions, guided tours, snacks and a smashing Northern Lights lounge where Mr. Leather Norway mixes the music to make you dance along with the lights. Also an outdoor camp for observing the Aurora (weather permitting). Closing at 2300. 

Don't forget to look for the Aurora whenever you are outdoors after dark!

Let's get fuzzy

Friday, Nov 19

1100: Tromsø City Hall. A greeting from the Mayor. The City of Tromsø presents to us their plans for LGBT+ issues and general politics considering sexual orientation and sexual health in Norway.

This presentation is a part of the Arctic Pride and  

 open to everyone. We expect media coverage, so be prepared to appear in newspapers and on national TV. Full leather outfit. Title holders wear sashes. 

1300: Departure to Tromsø Wilderness Centre for husky cuddling and dog sledge rides (if there is snow). Warm lunch, coffee and cake included. Back in town by 1630. Rough outfit, we might play in the snow!  Some garments can be borrowed at the wilderness centre.

Heaven to Hell and back again Night

Friday, Nov 19


1900: PRIDE Rainbow Service in Tromsø Cathedral. Leather men particularly welcome. Full leather outfit. Title holders wear sashes.

2100: Arctic Pride Fetish reception at Skansen, which besides being one of the oldest houses in Tromsø also is a good spot for seeing the Aurora. A brief history of the Skansen site is given before we dance the night away to the rythms of DJ K-Paxian. Snacks and refreshments available. Men only. Tollboden, Skansen. Fetish club outfit. 

Pride & parade day

Saturday, Nov 20

1100: Pre-parade workshop. Prepare your flags and buff up that leather! Tvibit youth culture centre, Parkgata 27/29. We’ll walk from Tvibit to the parade assembly spot.

1230: Parade line-up, Hålogaland Theatre, Teaterplassen 1.

1300: Tromsø Arctic Pride PARADE, starting from Hålogaland Theatre. Cool if you can carry the flag of your nation or club! Full leather outfit (with wool undies). Title holders wear sashes. 

1430: Black Selfie – high tea, coffee and cakes in leather at Selfie patisserie.

1800: Formal Leather dinner at Café Bårstua 1840, Skansen. We have the place all to ourselves, and there is a set three-course dinner for everyone: First fish soup with focaccia, then reindeer stew with potato mash, broccoli and lingonberries, and some lovely cakes for dessert. Price NOK 450 per person, drinks not included. Any special diet reqiurements should be sent to Per Helge in advance. Full leather outfit. Title holders wear sashes 

2100: Pride Night at Hotel The Edge. Full leather outfit.

A Day with a view

Sunday, Nov 21

1100: Good morning! Anyone awake yet? No?   

1200: Gathering at the Cable Car station, Sollivegen 12. A nice 30 min walk from the city centre across the Tromsø bridge, or a short ride by bus no. 26. We’ll go up on the Mt. Fløya by cable car and have a look at the view before brunch.   

1300: Get Up High Brunch at Restaurant Fjellstua. The set two-course menu includes Fjellstua's speciality reindeer burger, served with salad, homemade lingonberry dressing and potato wedges – plus the outstandingly good Northern Lights cake, a chocolate mousse with a salty caramel and chocolate base. Price per person NOK 340, drinks not included.
Other dishes available, order on arrival from this menu

1500: Goodbyes? Not yet? OK:

1600: A toast to the Pilots at Verdensteatret Bar, Storgata 93.

1800: Pilots gone Bastards - our last hangout during this year's Pilot will happen at the dark and underground-ish Bastard Bar, Strandgata 22. 

Safe journey home – cherish the memories, 

and welcome back to Tromsø, third pilots!