Arctic Pilot Events 2023

Here is the final program with the main bits of fun and infotainment you can expect during this year's Arctic Pilot.  Look forward to parties and parade, snow and seals, fur and fun! Welcome to Tromsø! 

Delve into the Dark

Thursday, Nov 16


1500: Welcome to Tromsø. Registration. Introduction to the Arctic Pride and the Pilot. Gathering at restaurant Skarven, Strandtorget 1. Light lunch available.

1700: Seafront walk via the sealing vessel MS Polstjerna

1800: Deep Cellar Tour. We go into some of the most secret and hidden places in Tromsø's underbelly. You will be surprised, educated and entertained. 

1930: Polar Bear Beer - Drinks at good old Ølhallen pub.  

From 2100: Gathering at Amtmandens Eftf., the designated Arctic Pride pub for grown-ups, to which group we may or may not feel a belonging. 

For the entire Pride week, all Pilots have free admission to the Polar Museum. Just tell the ticket counter you are an Arctic Pilot.

Northern WAYS

Friday, Nov 17


1100: Bus departure from Radisson Blu hotel to Tromsø Wilderness Centre for some happy husky cuddling and perhaps husky dog sledding if there is snow enough (sledding tickets are not included - but must be purchased on site). Warm lunch, coffee and cake included. Bus back to Tromsø at 1415.
Rough outfit, this will be snowy or muddy!  Some garments, like warm overalls can be borrowed at the wilderness centre. 

1500: Tromsø City Hall.  The City of Tromsø presents to us their plans for LGBT+ issues and general politics considering sexual orientation and sexual health in Norway. Perhaps some ideas to comment on - or bring home?

This presentation is a part of the Arctic Pride and  open to everyone. We expect media coverage, so be prepared to appear in newspapers. Full leather outfit. Title holders wear sashes. 

Lead me into temptation

Friday, Nov 17


1800: Gather in the lobby of hotel The Edge to walk across the 1036 meter long Tromsø Bridge to Tromsdalen and the iconic "Arctic Cathedral" church. A faithful service dog will make sure you all get there safe and sound.
(If you don't like to walk, use bus no. 26. )

1900: PRIDE Rainbow Mass in Tromsdalen parish church (the "Arctic Cathedral"). Leather men particularly welcome. This very special service celebrates love and is the most including experience you've ever had in a church. Promise! 
Full leather outfit. Title holders wear sashes.

2100: Frozen Fetish Fest by SLM Oslo. For the 4rd time the Norwegian gay leather club moves north for the night and invites all men to a party in fetish style. Dresscodes as per SLM rules (masculine fetish wear). Prize-winning DJ K-Paxian spins the music and you simply can't stay off the dance floor!
Venue: PUST in Skippergata street no. 1.  This event is part of the official Arctic Pride program.  Pilots enter with either Arctic Fox pass or Polar Bear pass. Age 20+.  Club outfit - be that your full leathers or just a jockstrap. 

Don't forget to look for the Aurora whenever you are outdoors after dark!

Pride & parade day

Saturday, Nov 18

1030: Pre-parade workshop. Prepare your flags and buff up that leather! Tvibit youth culture centre, Parkgata 27/29. Café with lights snacks. 

1200: Walk from Tvibit to the parade assembly spot.

1300: Tromsø Arctic Pride PARADE, starting from Hålogaland Theatre. Cool if you can carry the flag of your nation or club! Full leather outfit (with wool undies). Title holders wear sashes. 

1515: Black Selfie – high tea, coffee and cakes in leather at Selfie patisserie.

1800: Formal Leather dinner at Full Steam restaurant, right at the seafront in Tromsø inner harbour. Local and traditional ingredients make up the basis for our feast tonight. Enter with Walrus ticket or Polar Bear pass. Formal leather outfit. Title holders wear sashes.

2100: Pride Night. The main party for Arctic Party, and it would not be complete without us, or what? Pilots enter with either Arctic Fox pass or Polar Bear pass. Venue: The Edge hotel. Party leather outfit (G-rated). Sashes optional, follow Mr. Fetish Europe’s advice. 

Don't forget to look for the Aurora whenever you are outdoors after dark!

Grow your furs

Sunday, Nov 19

1100: The Polar Museum opens - all Arctic Pilots have free admittance through the entire day (closing at 1700). Just let the ticket counter know you are a Pilot.  Check out the exhibition called 'Queering the Arctic'!
Venue: The Polar Museum, Søndre Tollbugate 11. 

1200: Intimate Brunch at Restaurant Bårstua 1840. This historic and cosy restaurant is a long-standing favourite with the Pilots. We have the place all to ourselves, and there is a lovely and divers buffet to be enjoyed. The restaurant is located next to the Polar Museum, just a 2-minute walk away. Enter with Walrus ticket or Polar Bear pass. Relaxed Sunday leathers.

1430: Salt and Sweet!  Another Polar experience awaits at the Polaria visitor centre. In addition to films and  exhibitions, we will see how their bearded seals are fed and trained, and  walk through an underwater glass tunnel with seals playing around us. There is even a very young seal pup found at the Polaria now, little Leo who probably wants to meet us as well.   Attending IMLs please wear sashes.  (Ends at 1600).

After: The Polaria visit concludes the official program of Pilot No.5, but for those staying on in Tromsø, we could go to have dinner together and hang out in a bar until the Aurora comes out....

Safe journey home – cherish the memories, 

and welcome back to Tromsø, fifth pilots!